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>> alan: craigslist censored with a single word, the most popular classified end in the nation, puts an to end its adult services section. and investigators searching a landfill fiber one chewy bar. how'd you do that? do what? it tastes too good to be fiber. you ma it taste like chocolate. it has 35% of your daily value of fiber. do it again. turn it into sometng tasty. this guy's doing magic. there's chocolate chips in here w. hod you do that? right! tasty fiber, that's a good one! ok, her mind. what's she thinking? that's right! i'm not thinking anything! [ male announc ] fiber one chewy bars. cardboard no. delicious yes.
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>> alan: san francisco based craigslist responds to its critics without saying anything at all. good evening everyone. the web site for classified ads took down its adults services section, replacing the title with the word censored. this comes after 17 attorneys general called on kraig list to get rid of the ads. >> are the thumbing their nose or seriously taking down adult
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ads for good? we found ads posted that are soliciting sex. >> those are now full of praise. >> over a number of years, we have persuaded craigslist to take action eliminating prostitution ads, and fortunately now it's done the right thing voluntarily by shutting down the adult services section. >> reporter: or has it and the word censored appeared where the adults services section once was, but it's pointed out, ads for sex are still there. >> any look at their web site, you'll see that they're now on casual encounters. >> reporter: we clicked on that link and found postings offering sex. >> they're facilitating buying and selling and marketing of the most vulnerable people in our culture. that's people in prostitution. >> reporter: craigslist c.e.o. has not responded to questions
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about the new censored icon, and we -- find the company's founder hanging out at his favorite cafe, but his neighbors are quick to defend him. >> me and craigslist and everybody there have done so much good for the world, that because of some attorney general somewhere wants to make his name by trashing craig's rip addition say it's not right. >> some say it will push women back to the streets. they say they get 10 to 15% of their business from craigslist. analysts believe the sex ads bring in 36 million decide for the company. but this shouldn't be about money for melissa. >> this is a human rights violation. it's violence against women. >> reporter: the craigslist founder posted a statement on his twitter page at 10:00 tonight. he said, everyone, thanks for your support, not only here but on discussionboards everywhere. it means a great deal to me.
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when talking about this issue in the past, he told me he believed it's their responsibility to do the right thing in the eyes of law enforcement. and he says there are other ads that are far more and is economies sit on other web sites then craigslist. >> alan: investigators searched the pittsburg landfill inch above inch, look can for signs of a man they fear may be the fifth victim in a bizarre crime spree. >> there is a lot of debris here. it is very time-consuming. >> reporter: sifting through an acre of land and 3,000 tons of trash is taking days. the lan foil is the police department's strongest lead. >> looking for frederick. >> frederick is still missing,
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his father ricardo was found killed in this hercules home on saturday, the last time anyone saw frederick. the owner of the home is cindy tran. she is if rein valdemore's girlfriend and he is dead, too. police believe valdemore attacked frederick and his son because one of them might be involved with tran, and they believe involved -- valdemore strangled his girlfriend. now investigators need answers and they're hoping to find them here. 15 search and rescue volunteers and one cadaver dog are sift through the debris. >> you have to search small areas at one time. i with the dog it is very difficult because there are very many different scents. >> reporter: the only other place police have to turn is
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here. the lockup where charles rittenhouse is. the 72-year-old knows valdemore who used to stay with rittenhouse and his wife, allen. they found allen and her friend dead tuesday. rittenhouse is charged only with having large amounts of explosives in the house. his attorney says rittenhouse isn't involved with any murders. >> i have reason to believe the bodies were put there sometime that day, the day of his arrest. >> reporter: the police came to the landfill because the car last seen being driven by valdemore was dumped at a hercules shooting center. valdemore used to work at the shopping center, and all the trash from that center comes to this landfill. in pittsburg, lisa amin gulezian, abc-7 news. >> alan: national transportation safety board investigators are examining the wreckage of a
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small plane that crashed in a lag -- lag goon in san car loss. the body of a third victim was recovered on thursday. the ntsb said the flight controls on the small plane were in the correct position. >> we're going section the aircraft, do a closer investigation into the controls, put it on a trailer, truck it to a secure facility, preserve it, and then do a fewer row examination with the assistant of the air frame manufacturer and the engine manufacturer. >> alan: investigators don't expect to release a final report on the cause of the crash for at least stoic nine months. a former fairfield city councilman was the inspiration for a gun buyback. the police gave 100 decide gift cards to anyone who turned in a weapon. the boyback celebrates the memory of matt garcia who was gunned down two years ago.
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his parents came to support the gun drive and to honor their son. >> our goal wasn't to stomp on anybody's second amendment rights. it's been getting unwanted guns that kill people like what happened to our son matt. >> alan: garcia was shot by drawing dealers dealers in whate call a case of mistaken identity. more than 55 weapons were collected in the first half of the gun buyback. now on to the gulf of mexico, where crews pulled the massive blowout preventer to the surface. that's the device that was supposed to keep oil from gushing into thele gulf. it took 30 hours to hoist the device out of its water and now it's on its way to a nasa facility for analysis. >> b.p.'s failed blowout preventer reached the surface where government investigators took possession of it as evidence. >> it will be transferred to
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other vessels for transfer to the area where it will be taken into custody. >> reporter: the blowout preventer was supposed to be the last line of defense and should have sealed the well pipe. it didn't. and more than 200 million gallons of oil spilled into the gulf of mexico. causing the worst environmental disaster in u.s. history. the leak was capped in july, and ennears have placed a new blowout preventer on the well. >> i'm pleased to announce this well does not constitute a threat. >> the blowout preventer is one piece of the investigation. the government is also looking at why a bubble of methane gas escaped from the well and ignited. the explosion killed 11 workers. the evidence could prove vital in lawsuits. if the equipment was poorly maintained, b.p. or its contractors could be found criminally neglect. they have set aside $20 million in a government supervised account and has spent
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$8 billion on the spill. >> the government is investigating another offshore facility, this one mariner energy's platform. a fire broke out there thursday. forcing 13 crew members into the water. they all survived and there were no signs of leaking oil. >> alan: christian conservatives spent the day praying and fasting in front of the state capitol in sacramento. the call of conscience was a rally against gay marriage, pornography and borings. organize -- and abortion. they want traditional marriage restored. proposition 8 approved by 52% of california voters outlawed same-sex unions but last month it was struck down and ruled unconstitutional. the buildings are smashed. roads cracked and rails twisted. the damage from friday's 7.1 earthquake in new zealand.
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and jetblue decided that would do about the flight attendant who bolted down an emergency chute last month. and thousands celebrate at the burning man festival. >> leigh: i'm leigh glaser. a cool start to the holiday weekend. but temperatures will start to warm up tomorrow and definitely back into the 90s for our labor day mondndndndndndndndndnd
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to >> alan: we have some breaking news from san francisco. a car accident near lake merced has left two people dead and three others with critical
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injuries. it happened 30 minutes ago at lake merced boulevard and john muir drive. the accident involved two cars that collided head-on at that intersection. authorities in christchurch new zealand are assessing the damage from the 7.1 earthquake that rocked that city yesterday. 120 inner city buildings were badly damaged in the quake. they're being inspected to see if they're safe to enter. residents were ordered to stay in their homes to prevent looting. rescue workers set up shelters for people forced from their homes. >> 95 people turned occupy and out of that, 60 are staying here overnight. police have evacuated certain areas of the town and they can't go back. >> alan: the prime minister says it's a miracle no one was called. it could be months before the full extent of the damage is known. initial estimates.the cost of the quake at 1.4 billion decide.
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tropical storm earl packed a rainy and windy punch as it hit the canadian coast. the storm maind landfall in nova scotia. it's being blamed for the death of a man who was trying to secure his boat. another man watched as his houseboat broke away. >> when the wind started to pick up, it took off, and we can just let it go. we can't pull it back. >> alan: earl clocked wind up to 70 miles-per-hour. more than 200,000 customers lost power in know scorch should. but in new england, the storm was far less intense than originally feared. the worst damage was to seasonal businesses hoping to end the s. on a high note. the jetblue flight attend tenant that made the pet down the emergency chute will not be returning to work. steven slater is no longer
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employed. jetblue won't release any further details out of respect for his privacy. his lawyer says his client loved flying and wanted to return to work. slater's folk hero status urged jetblue to keep him employed. for the first time in 20 years there's been a confirmed sighting of a rare fox feared extinct. this is a red fox. a motion-activated camera captured an image of a animal like this south of reno on august 11th. dna tests confirmed it. the sighting happened in the sonora pass. the scientist confirm the dna tests through sal saliva. >> the burning man effigy went down in flames. the structure collapsed before a cheering crowd of more than 50,000 people in the nevada desert tonight.
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an extravagant parade of fire and lights led up to the torching. the annual celebration of self-radical expression is a week-long festival of art and musical performances and has evolved into a temporary city where people pay up to $360 for a ticket. so far tonight, no arrests have been reported. and the tess -- discertain -- desert 1eus 10 miles north of reno. i you sold your ticket and couldn't get there, right? >> leigh: yes. temperatures down ten degrees. looks like the warmest day will be the labor day holiday on monday. outside we go here's a shot from -- you can definitely look as we are looking towards the west, just the thin veil of low cloudiness hanging over san francisco. otherwise, most reporting stations, clear right now.
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and still mild, especially in the east bay. antioch, 7 2. 62 in livermore. 64 in concord. and then we start to bring temperatures down a bit with oakland 59. fremont, 59. and 56 in san francisco. half moon bay, 54. and 54 in santa rosa. we will definitely go with a little patchy clouds near the coast, maybe a little near the bay overnight. and a much warmer day sunday and monday, and then tuesday and wednesday, temperatures definitely will start to come down. you can see the fog bank just sitting off the coast. some of this will venture inland overnight, but in the east bay, looking for a mild night, temperatures low 60s, and in the bay and san francisco, 53 degrees and 52 for half moon bay. hi pressure is starting to build in, and it will start to warm us up.
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we will get into an offshore wind flow sunday afternoon, and definitely on monday. so look for temperatures to warm a few degrees tomorrow, and then the offshore winds will get us back into the 90s monday afternoon. we start off with very little in the amount of low clouds and fog tomorrow. northerly winds are actually going to push it to the south of us. so even the coast will warm up. see a little more sunshine there in the 60s, and then start to nudge into the mid-to-low 90s inland. the coast, a terrific day there, half moon bay, 67 degrees. definitely going to be in the 70s monday time frame. loss san francisco, warm to 70 degrees. even as the sunset district in the mid-60s for ocean beach tomorrow, nice day there. north bay, santa rosa, 88. 85 for napa tomorrow.
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oakland, 75. look for 80 for castro valley. fremont, 8 2. east, the interior valley areas, that's where temperatures will be warm to almost hot. brentwood, 93. 90 for con -- concord. the seven-day forecast, temperatures will start to heat up heading into monday, the holiday. inland locations, mid-to-upper 90s, even near 90 degrees, in some locations near the bay. can he -- check out the coast, 70s, and then the winds reverse direction, onshore, cooler, soggier and mist and drizzle on thursday. >> alan: up next, cal and)i
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♪ stinky ♪ hefty ♪ stinky
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♪ hefty ♪ stinky, stinky ♪ hefty, hefty, hefty [ announcer ] hefty bags with unscented odor block technology... help neutralize odors and stop the stinkies. ♪ stinky, stinky, stinky ♪ hefty, hefty, hefty >> mike: stanford sophomore quarterback showed the nation he is the real deal. stanford has never met the horne nets -- hornets before.
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makes a great move out for the catch. 81 yards on the score. the ninth lodgest -- longest. sacramento state wasn't a complete pushover. the punt is fielded on his own 30. find day light. 70 yards to the house. 14-7-ball game. but the strike to zach. 31-7 stanford. just before the half. baldwin again, 15-yard strike. good catch. stanford rolls over sac stat, 52-17. >> we were on the -- good first-half opponents. didn't do so hot in the beginning of the second half. i think.
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>> mike: cal hosting uc davis, and the offense couldn't be stopped. the new kid on the block was keenan allen. the only time cal did not score, taking the field. first quarter, bears on the move. riley pumps, fines vereen, cal takes the lead. in the second, more from riley. hits jones. 14 yards, and riley had 258 yards and three touchdowns. later in the second, allen takes the handoff. wants to throw it. the receiver is not open so he tux and it takes it himself. going to be a special player. first college touchdown, 21-0 bears. the rout was on. in the certification -- in the second, vereen, dancing in. second half, cal's ball.
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riley on the quick pass. takes its inside. weaves and bobs his way to a 48-yard touchdown. a 52-3 victory. >> we went through a lot of stuff in the offseason, got us better. >> mike: well, new -- they're in tuscaloosa. spartans trail only 7-3. but the tide would roll. richardson, right up the gut. 39-yard touchdown in the second. next possession. backup quarterbacker, mccarran, hits julio jones. watch this catch. one hand. tide rolls over the spartans 28-3. san jose state gets ripped. big day for the giants. a ninth inning rally against the
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>> mike: giants in l.a. fating the dodgers. the comeback kid refuse to lose. zito was horrible last night. matt cain on the bump tonight. a three-run blast. and the dodgers take the lead. but the giants were resilient. in the seventh, postie finally breaks through against ted lilly. a soaring blast into the raft. 4-1 dodgers. in the eight, after a renteria blast, burrell follows with a home run of his own. here come the giants. in the ninth, one out, uribe, a dramatic two-run blast. giants take the 5-4 lead. then brian wilson win i with runners on the corners gets out of the jam. giants are now two back in the
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west after the 5-4 victory. trevor cahill becomes the first 15-game win for the a's since 2007 shutting down the angels. pentington, davis scores, 2-0a's. cahill quietly putting up a cy young type season. strikes out four in six shutout innings, proving to 17-6. they knock off the halos 3-1. >> alan: that concludes another broadcast of abc-7 news. thanks for staying up late with us.
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